The Salon, in the Old Dining Hall
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The Salon

Open 12:30-3pm, Old Dining Hall

Don't miss out on a visit to the Salon, where you will find a range of interactive activities and displays relating to the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences.

Some of the highlights include:

  • A 'locked case' of typeset text
    A 'locked case' of typeset text
    Printing the Reformation - 1517 saw the first big media event of modern times: the start of the Reformation by the publication of Luther's 95 theses. As we mark the quincentenary of this, there will be the chance to experiment with some early printing techniques in a hands-on demonstration from some of the Hall’s medievalists.
  • Lancelot crossing the Sword Bridge
    Lancelot crossing the Sword Bridge
    Drawing Words, Writing Pictures - a grand tour of literature and visual culture, presented by our Modern Linguists. How do writers use art and images in their works? What happens when texts are adapted into visual art forms? How do text and image combine to create meaning?

    Find out more about photomontage, picture poems, Margaret Atwood's Angel Catbird, and Clavdia Chauchat's décolletage. 
  • A selection of books from the Aularian collection.
  • Student life at Teddy Hall c. 1850-1950: take a look at a selection of material and photographs from the college archive, covering such topics as holes in the roof, engagements and dining rights, with Rob Petre (St Edmund Hall Archivist) as your guide!
    Vice-Principal Liddon with undergraduates in the Front Quad in 1862
    Vice-Principal Liddon with undergraduates, in 1862

You can also meet and chat to some of our researchers, who will explain their specialist areas through poster presentations:

  • Siân Brooke - examining the adage "there are no girls on the internet", Siân's research asks about the visibility of gender in popular memes
  • Pawel Adrjan - “Who works for young firms?” Young firms help create jobs, especially during economic downturns. But what kinds of jobs do they offer and what kinds of people do they hire?
  • Roxana Willis - "Hearing Young Voices". Youth mental illness is growing. This project aims to develop an interactive type of drama, forum theatre, into a research method that will empower young people to shape the mental health research agenda.
  • Jennifer Bunselmeier, "Dictating a Dictionary". Jennifer combines lexicography, palaeography and digital humanities to find out how a medieval classroom worked.

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