Fine Artist Eleanor Pryer with her work in the Studio
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The Studio

The Pontigny Room was used as an exhibition space during the Research Expo to showcase the talents of some of the College's undergraduate Fine Artists. There was a wide range of media on display, including photography, painting and installations.

The following artists took part:

  • Oliver Bass (2nd year) - painting
  • Wai Chung (1st year) - photographs
  • Mayya Gulieva (1st year) - installation
  • Joseph Mackay (3rd year) - photographs
  • Ruth Miller (1st year) - painting
  • Eleanor Minney (2nd year) - installation
  • Eleanor Pryer (3rd year) - drawing.

Visitors were also invited to contribute to the Expo's own piece of art - an installation that developed over the course of the event.