Dr Tom MacFaul giving a Teddy Talk in the Chapel
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Teddy Talks 2017

This year there were four sessions of Teddy Talks, featuring 16 speakers from the SCR and MCR, taking place in the Chapel and the Pontigny Room. Each talk lasted around 10 minutes, with a few minutes for questions, and was aimed at a non-specialist audience. The research topics covered were wide-ranging - and included topics as diverse as gravitational waves, medieval history, cancer immunotherapy, and global poverty.

Most of the talks were filmed and are available to watch on our YouTube channel.

12:30-1:30pm - Teddy Talks I (Chapel)

  • Alex Lloyd (SCR), ‘Boom, ratatata, hui-hui-sss-ttt, woouum’ - Children’s Views of World War II
  • Emily Winkler (SCR), Was There History in the Middle Ages?
  • Thomas Kittel (MCR), Merchants' Marks in Medieval English Books
  • Henrike Lähnemann (SCR), Banned Books: Hus and Luther in the Teddy Hall Library

12:30-1:30pm - Teddy Talks II (Pontigny Room)

  • Mauro Pasta (SCR), Lithium-ion Batteries and Beyond
  • Aris Karastergiou (SCR), Extreme Clocks: Physics with Pulsars
  • Jaz Hill-Valler (MCR), NextBASS: Observing Cosmic Microwave Background Foregrounds
  • Philipp Podsiadlowski (SCR), Advanced LIGO: the New Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy

1:45-2:45pm - Teddy Talks III (Chapel)

  • Ilona Mostipan (MCR), Can Investors Profit from Information Diversity?
  • Maia Chankseliani (SCR), The Politics of Student Mobility: what do international student statistics tell us about the democratic development of their home countries? 
  • Linda Yueh (SCR), Ending Poverty?
  • Martin Slater (SCR), UK National Debt: A Historical Perspective

1:45-2:45pm - Teddy Talks IV (Pontigny Room)

  • Samira Lakhal-Littleton (SCR), At the Heart of Iron
  • Paul Skokowski (SCR), What Does Philosophy Have to Do with Neuroscience?
  • Melissa Bedard (MCR), Lights, Camera, Immuno-action! Research on cancer immunotherapy and its implications for the clinic
  • Paul Johnson (SCR), Pancreatic Islet Transplantation for Type 1 Diabetes – Bench to Bedside