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Music in Monasteries - Recording the German Reformation

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

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Professor Henrike Lähnemann in the College's Old Library
Professor Henrike Lähnemann in the College's Old Library

Henrike Lähnemann, Professor of Medieval German Studies and Fellow of the Hall, has been awarded a grant from the Knowledge Exchange Seed Fund provided by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities. This interdisciplinary project will involve a collaboration between Prof. Lähnemann, Tom Hammond-Davies, Director of the Oxford Bach Soloists, and Dr Alex Lloyd, Lecturer in German at the Hall and member of the Soloists.

Workshops will take place in Oxford with the singers to explore ways of recreating the sound of the Reformation music, its medieval sources and its elaboration in Protestant Baroque, taking in linguistic, theological and liturgical aspects of the German Reformation.

In July 2016, a year before the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s publication of the 95 theses, the Oxford Bach Soloists will travel to Germany to perform music from the German Reformation in the places where it originated: the medieval churches and monasteries of Northern Germany. Workshops and performances will take place at Kloster Lüne (near Lüneburg) and Mariensee (near Hanover). Recordings will then be used as part of a Reformation Trail, which will link different Oxford institutions in the Reformation year 2017 and allow a multi-layered experience of the Reformation, linking up British and German congregations engaging with their Protestant heritage and musicians and a wider audience interested in the roots of one of the most powerful traditions of European classical music.