Tim Delport

Junior Dean

Hello! I’m the Junior Dean for St Edmund Hall and can be found on the main site at Queen’s Lane. I’m an engineer and currently studying my DPhil in Engineering Science here in Oxford, where I’m focusing on the physics of flow and heat movement in the earth’s subsurface (i.e. geothermal energy). I’m also a keen squash player and enjoy music, getting outdoors, and finding new little pubs!

I received Junior Dean training with the Oxford University Counselling Service and have taken courses and workshops in first aid, health and safety, fire safety, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and managing stress. Most recently, I have also received training from OSARCC in sexual violence awareness and referrals. I’m always happy to meet with any student about any issue whatsoever. Whether it be a personal issue, a concern for some else, or just a query, please feel free to get in touch!

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