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Left to right: Dr Paul LeClerc (Voltaire scholar and former President of the New York Public Library), Professor Nicholas Cronk, Professor Caroline Weber (Professor of French Literature at Columbia University), Miles Young (Warden of New College)
Professor Nicholas Cronk spoke at a reception on 14 November, to stimulate interest in Voltaire and seek support for the publication of a 220-volume edition of his complete works
St Edmund Hall's new JCR President, Will Mason
Will takes over as the Junior Common Room president in January
Schools Liaison Officer Luke Maw, at De Lisle College in Loughborough
The College's Schools Liaision Officer and four of our undergraduates visited schools and colleges to encourage students to apply to Oxford and give advice on the application process
We are pleased to announce that in late 2018 Teddy Hall will be publishing a beautifully illustrated book
Poster for 'You May Now Applaud'
Teddy Hall freshers will perform an original short play on Wednesday 15 November, in the annual University drama competition
The new translation of 'Ode to Joy'
Join St Edmund Hall linguists for a celebration of translations, including a performance of a new translation of Schiller’s ‘Ode to Joy’
St Edmund Hall's newly-renovated churchyard (photo by Can Sengunes, courtesy of Wooldridge & Simpson)
The project, designed to improve the gardener’s and storage areas, has received a design award
The cover of the report on Syrian refugees in Turkish garment supply chains
Dr Emre Eren Korkmaz, one of the College’s Junior Research Fellow, is the co-author of a new Business & Human Rights Resource Centre report
Logo for Equality and Diversity Week at St Edmund Hall
Students have planned a week-long series of events in College, including workshops and film screenings, to encourage discussions around equality and diversity