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Philip Geddes in 1981
The three journalism prizes are open to Oxford University students
Anna, Simon, Brad and Leo on the orchestra tour
This December, four students toured the East Coast, rehearsing and performing at American universities
Dr Anthony Atkinson giving his talk at the Centre for the Creative Brain event
Dr Anthony Atkinson discusses the perception of emotion from body postures and movement
Watch some of our highlights from 2017 in our annual ‘Year in Review’ video
St Edmund Hall Alumni Team on University Challenge
Show to be broadcast on BBC2 at 18.30 on Friday 29 December 2017
Professor Keith Gull with Professor Frank Trentmann, in the Doctorow Hall
Watch Professor Frank Trentmann’s lecture on the history of consumerism
Lucy Kissick and Ben Fernando with their posters at the student conference
Lucy Kissick and Ben Fernando both received prizes at this week’s student conference
Charlie Stagg at the award ceremony, with other winners
The award recognises Charlie’s outstanding work on brain imaging in stroke patients
Copies of Dr Emily A. Winkler's book, 'Royal Responsibility in Anglo-Norman Historical Writing'
Our Junior Research Fellow in History examines the portrayal of kings by early medieval historians
Attendees at the NY Dinner
Annual dinner gave an opportunity to mark the Principalship of Prof. Keith Gull