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We were delighted to welcome back the matriculands of 1957 this September for a drinks reception in the Senior Common Room followed by a meal in the Old Dining Hall
The statue of St Edmund in the churchyard at St Edmund Hall
Rev. Will Donaldson has taken time out this summer to research the Saint and look at his impact, which continues to the present day
Suzanne & Robert Larson with the Chancellor
Jarvis Doctorow (1948, BA Modern Languages and Linguistics) honoured by the University
Professor Roger Benson giving a talk at the St Edmund Hall Research Expo
Three St Edmund Hall academics have been conferred titles at the University's annual Recognition of Distinction awards
The St Edmund Hall Choir, from the Organ Room of Wells Cathedral
Ella Khan and Annabel Redman report on a weekend spent singing in a few of Somerset’s most beautiful churches
Oxford Men's Rugby team before their first match
Teddy Hall’s Dan Barley and Tom Dyer both scored for Oxford in the first match of OURFC's tour of the US East Coast
Professor David Dupret
David receives this accolade in recognition of his work on neurons and memory
Ann Taylor, photographed by John Cairns
All are welcome to attend the service, on Thursday 19 October at 2:30pm in the University Church
Yi-Sheng Chen being awarded his microscopy prize
Materials student Yi-Sheng Chen used his MCR 50th Anniversary grant to help him attend a conference on microscopy in the USA
Professor Frank Trentmann
Our annual history lecture will take place on Friday 24 November, at 5:30pm, and all are welcome to attend