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Ann Taylor, photographed by John Cairns
All are welcome to attend the service, on Thursday 19 October at 2:30pm in the University Church
Professor David Dupret
David receives this accolade in recognition of his work on neurons and memory
Yi-Sheng Chen being awarded his microscopy prize
Materials student Yi-Sheng Chen used his MCR 50th Anniversary grant to help him attend a conference on microscopy in the USA
Professor Frank Trentmann
Our annual history lecture will take place on Friday 24 November, at 5:30pm, and all are welcome to attend
Illustration taken from the article in 'Science' illustrating the biogeographical processes of migration, diversification, and extinction on islands
Geography Fellow and Tutor, Professor Rob Whittaker, has published new research in Science looking at the life cycle of islands
Pupils at a mock-graduation as a part of the day
Pupils from Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford learnt about the hunt for extra-terrestrial life at a day of Earth Science themed activities at the College
The St Edmund Hall Choir rehearsing in the Chapel
Find out more about the College Choir, and music more generally at Teddy Hall, in our new video
Arabella at a Window of Hope rehearsal with the children
Having been involved in drama whilst at Teddy Hall, Arabella Lawson (2006, Modern Languages) tells of how a theatre project gave hope and a sense of purpose to disabled children in a Jordanian refugee camp
Door into the Front Quad at St Edmund Hall
We look forward to welcoming visitors on Sunday 10 September to explore the College and take tours of our library
Photo of MacGIllivray
News from poet, musician and alumna Kirsten Norrie (1997, Fine Art), known artistically as MacGillivray, on her upcoming projects about Sitting Bull and Mary Queen of Scots