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Jenna Herman (1999, Fine art ) and Lucy Reynolds (1997, English)
Parrots Don’t Live in the City! is the first in a series of four children’s storybooks from the new writer and illustrator duo, Lucy Reynolds and Jenna Herman.
The Oxford University Lightweight Four, including Teddy Hall's Doug Chesterton
St Edmund Hall’s Doug Chesterton represented Great Britain at the European Universities Rowing Championship in Serbia, rowing as a member of the Oxford Lightweight Men's Coxless Four
Teddy Talks VII: Aularian Women in Business panel
Last month, around 40 alumni and current students gathered to hear five female Aularians talk about their careers and experiences since leaving the Hall.
Elizabeth Raine, Zoology student at St Edmund Hall
Zoology student Elizabeth Raine has won the inaugural ‘Ex Aula’ prize for her engaging contribution to the MCR’s online journal
Montana Butsch
Montana Butsch (2002, MSc Educational Studies) gave his talk on his ground-breaking work with the Chicago Training Center
Graduation Photo of the Engineering Students
Teddy Hall celebrates the successes of its recently-finished students
Thomas at Yale University in front of an archway
St Edmund Hall DPhil English student Thomas Kittel talks about his recent trip to consult medieval manuscripts held in American libraries
OXCEP Academic Medicine Course delegates in St Edmund Hall's Front Quad
The Hall hosted a two-week course for medical academics and clinicians from China
Edward Mole photographed with his stethoscope in the Ethiopian mountains
St Edmund Hall Medical Sciences student Edward Mole reports on his elective to Sudan and Ethiopia
Professor Peter Bruce FRS
Peter is recognised for his exceptional contribution to research into the chemistry behind energy storage