Students at St Edmund Hall
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Visiting Students

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you're a student living and studying outside the European Union, our Visiting Student programme offers you the chance to be challenged academically by outstanding tutors, inspired by a beautiful living and working environment, and immersed in a vibrant social, sporting and artistic community.

You'll study at St Edmund Hall for up to one year alongside Oxford undergraduates, and we'll be working hard to ensure that your experiences here will match those of our regular students. You'll be given accommodation with our own undergraduates and study the same subjects, often sharing tutorials with students on the Oxford courses.

Many of our Visiting Students come from the USA on a Junior Year Abroad, but we also have Visiting Students joining us from countries all over the world. Unfortunately we're not able to accept Visiting Student applications from students who are studying within the European Union.

Lo Shun Siu Zabrina: 2013-14 Visiting Student

Visiting Student ZabrinaZabrina (pictured right), is a Visiting Student from Hong Kong Baptist University, reading Modern Languages (Comparative Literature / Great Books) and English at Oxford.

"Teddy Hall is a small college," she says, "but its tininess makes it a vibrant hub of genuine friendship between teaching staff, students and other members of the college. The privilege of studying in a medieval environment simply stirs up my motivation for learning. The students are as industrious as I imagined before coming here; they are often occupied with work and extra-curricular activities – just living life to the fullest!

"The intense essay-writing style of teaching provides me with flexibility in creating and delving into the areas I wish to work on. It is very useful in gearing me up for courses to be taken in my subsequent undergraduate years when I return to my home university as well as for studying at graduate schools in the future, especially when productive and quality writing is crucial."

If you would like to know more about becoming a Visiting Student at St Edmund Hall, don't hesitate to contact us at