Heidi Johansen-Berg giving a talk about the brain, in the Old Library
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Teddy Talks

During the Expo, twenty-five members of the SCR and MCR presented a series of talks (lasting around 12 minutes each) to give a taste of what their research involves. Aimed at a non-specialist audience, the talks were divided into interdisciplinary hour-long sessions. Our 'Teddy Talks' (playing on the College's nickname of Teddy Hall) provide a fascinating glimpse into some of the diverse research currently being undertaken at the College and are now available to watch online.

We made use of some of the Hall's most beautiful rooms as unusual and intimate seminar spaces: the Old Library, the Principal's Drawing Room and the Chapel.

Watch recordings of the talks by following the links below:

Talks I: Old Library -- Catherine the Great, dinosaurs, debt management and the structure of matter

Talks II: Chapel -- Seeing the invisible, Shakespeare's animals, clinical trials data and earthquakes

Talks III: Principal's Drawing Room -- Liars, nutrition, structural integrity and colouring-in for adults

Talks IV: Old Library -- Brain imaging, climate change in the Pyramid Age, Earth's earliest super predators, and what George Eliot can teach us about HS2

Talks V: Chapel -- Computational complexity theory, brain stimulation, the body on stage and screen, and bone cancer

Talks VI: Principal's Drawing Room -- The Eternity Puzzle, who shot "Dead Meat" Thompson?, trade unions and the Arab Spring, and the US founding myth.