Servery lunch 2023
The servery at Teddy Hall

Meals at St Edmund Hall are one of the most sociable aspects of studying here with our 220 seater Dining Hall meaning that the whole College community can eat together, but there’s always room to sit with friends. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and brunch is available at weekends.

The quality and variety of the food is exceptional as our food is consistently highly rated by staff and students and is available at competitively low prices. Our award-winning team of chefs aim to meet all your dietary needs, and we regularly provide vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal meals.

Vegetarian main at St Edmund Hall
Vegetarian main at St Edmund Hall

Formal Hall

On Thursdays during term time there is the option of Formal Hall which is served after the usual informal dinner. This is a traditional part of Oxford college life, and an opportunity to do something a bit different, which is very popular with our students. On Sundays we have a Black Tie Formal Hall dinner which follows Sunday Evensong (an optional weekly chapel service and Choir of St Edmund Hall performance).

The cost of a Formal Hall dinner is currently £19.95 (£23.95 incl. VAT for Guests), which includes an enhanced three-course menu and wine, and is fantastic value when compared to restaurant prices. Students may bring up to three guests on Thursdays and two on Sundays, and so formals are a nice opportunity to celebrate events such a birthdays or the end of exams. Members of College must wear a gown to a Formal Hall.

Formal Hall Information for current students

Chinese Lion perfomance at Lunar New Year 2022
Chinese Lion perfomance at Formal Hall Lunar New Year 2022

Themed Formal Hall

St Edmund Hall hosts special themed dinners around the various holidays and awareness months throughout the year such as Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Lunar New Year and International Women’s Day, making it more like a home away from home for our students.

Visit the Student Calendar for dates of the special themed dinners.

Formal Hall International Women's Day 2023
Formal Hall Diwali 2022
Diversity Formal Hall 2023

Paying for meals

At the beginning of each term the College will automatically pre-pay an amount onto your meal account. This amount can be used to pay for any meals provided by the College in the hall. The amount that you pay will vary dependant on where you are residing. Those living in annexes or private accommodation pay for fewer as they are likely to eat in college less frequently. Payment is made via University Card in the Wolfson Dining Hall. Further details can be found in the Grey book.


Food Image Gallery

Lunchtime desserts
Salad bar at lunch
The dining Hall at lunch (Wolfson Hall)
A typical lunch at Teddy Hall
Warm dessert at lunch
Cookie dessert
Fine dining main meal
Fine dining dessert
Vegetarian main
Vegetarian main

I heard so much about the quality of food at Teddy Hall before arriving but it’s certainly lived up to that reputation. Our head chef is amazing, and every meal is brilliant, even for a fussy eater like me!

Haseem, undergraduate studying Economics and Management