Spirit of the Hall

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Spirit of the Hall: A podcast for Aularians by Aularians

St Edmund Hall is not the biggest, most famous or richest college in Oxford but it has developed a reputation as an extraordinary place to study and whose students lead the way in so many of the University’s activities. The “Hall Spirit” is legendary and supports a community that is not only successful but fun-loving, inclusive, diverse and very well connected up and down the generations. But don’t take our word for it: listen to this series of podcasts, entitled “Spirit of the Hall”, which features engaging conversations with some of its fascinating alumni, fellows, students and staff. Hosted by Olly Belcher (nee Donnelly), President of the St Edmund Hall Association for alumni, they provide an opportunity for current and past members of Teddy Hall to share how that unique spirit has shaped their insights and experiences in politics, academia, business, entertainment, technology and more.

If you’re someone trying to study at Oxford, many of these podcasts talk honestly about how those that came before you overcame their fears and doubts at the beginning, only to love it in the end. We hope they inspire you. And for those of you who have the privilege to be a Hall student, past or present, we hope you too enjoy these inspiring reminiscences. Get in touch if you have a story of your own to tell or know of someone you want to hear from.

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