Undergraduate Finance

College Support

We have financial assistance funds available for our students who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulties. We also regularly award scholarships and prizes, academic grants (for projects and equipment), book grants, vacation grants and travel awards. Current students can find out more about how to apply for financial assistance funding here.

At St Edmund Hall, we are committed to ensuring that none of our students withdraw for financial reasons.

Tuition Fees

University and college fees at Oxford are consolidated into a combined course fee. This includes university tuition, as well as college teaching and facilities such as the library and IT. It does not cover accommodation or meals.

The rate at which you pay your University fee depends on your fee status.

For up-to-date information on tuition fee rates, Oxford’s support packages and government loans and bursaries, please see the University’s excellent guide.

Fees and funding for UK students

Please note that the EU fee status is no longer available. EU students can find the latest information about fees and funding on the University website. Please also visit the government announcement about this change.

EU students

Overseas students pay their University fee at a different rate from UK and EU students. Information to help you calculate the fees for your chosen course is available on the University’s website.

Overseas students' fees

Reach Oxford Scholarship

St Edmund Hall participates in the Reach Oxford initiative, aiming to have one Reach Oxford Scholar in residence at the College in a given year. The Scholarship is supported by a contribution from the College, as well as through the generosity of its undergraduate and postgraduate members.

The Reach Oxford Scholarship provides full remission of University and College fees, in addition to grants towards living and travel expenses. It is offered to undergraduate students from low-income countries who, for political or financial reasons, or because suitable educational facilities do not exist, cannot study for a degree in their own countries.

More information on the Reach Oxford Scholarships, including eligibility criteria and the application process, can be found on the University of Oxford website.

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US Federal Loans

US students studying at Oxford University may be entitled to a US government student loan to help fund their studies here.  More information on US loans, including private loans, Veterans Affairs and AmeriCorps can be found on the University of Oxford’s US federal loans webpage.

US Federal Loans

Living Expenses

You will need to budget for accommodation, food, clothes, entertainment and other costs. The good news is that life in Oxford can be cheaper than in many other university cities if you plan carefully.

The city centre is compact and you will rarely need to use public transport. The collegiate system means that accommodation and food costs are lower than in many other universities. St Edmund Hall charges rent per term instead of per month, so you will not have to waste money on accommodation during the holidays when you are not here.

The University also offers generous non-repayable bursaries to help with living costs. Bursaries are available on a household income-dependent sliding scale.

College Accommodation and Food Costs 2023-2024

Room rate (including utilities and services):

  • £28.85 per day
  • £1,673.30 per term
  • £5,019.90 per year

Standard length of an undergraduate contract in days: 174 (additional days are at the same daily rate).

If you require more information, please contact the Accommodation Manager at accommodation.officer@seh.ox.ac.uk.

Meals costs:

  • At breakfast, lunch, and dinner all items are priced individually. We also offer at lunch and dinner a two-course set price. In 2022-23 this was £5.60 and will be updated shortly before Michaelmas Term.
  • There is a £395 compulsory charge per term levied by the College to undergraduates who live in Queen’s Lane accommodation; £145 per term for those who live in the College’s North and East Oxford properties. Those living in private accommodation are charged £45 per term. Students may spend this on College meals and can top-up the amount via our online EPOS System. Any unspent balance at the end of 9th week Trinity Term is forfeit.

The College operates a pay-as-you-go system for breakfast, lunch and dinner using your University Card which is loaded with cash per term. No cash is taken in the dining hall.

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Scholarships and Prizes

The College awards nearly 150 scholarships, awards and prizes each year, plus additional bursaries and grants.

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Students in the choir singing in the chapel

Choral and Organ Scholarships

The College aims to have six Choral Scholars and two Organ Scholars in residence each year. All prospective undergraduates can apply for these scholarships.

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