Women of the Hall

Celebrating International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we reflect on the incredible community of current students, Fellows and staff who identify as women at the Hall.

Whilst everyone we spoke to identified a uniquely supportive and vibrant community between women* of the Hall, we also want to highlight the fantastic variety within that community.

The women* who spoke with us are artists, future doctors, athletes, intellectuals, supportive friends and loving daughters – as diverse in their womanhood* as they are united as Women* of the Hall.

* women-identifying and minority gender identities

Harriet and Sarah stand in Front Quad at night, surrounded by the Christmas lights

Sarah & Harriet

To us, the Hall represents the women we’ve grown into, ones we think (and hope) embody respect, joy, and connection, the key things that matter to us…and being a woman of the Hall means sharing some of the most important moments of our lives with a group of incredible people that we will be forever grateful to call our friends.

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Scarlett smiles at the camera


Even as a staff member you pick up strongly on the Hall Spirit amongst the student community and it is definitely a friendly college…

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Zoe smiles at the camera, the Oxford skyline behind her


The people are what make a place, and at Teddy Hall I feel so privileged to have met some of the most amazing, inspiring, and driven people.

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Lorelei red hair wearing sub fusc


Of course, sexism unfortunately persists in the discipline of history. I feel very grateful for my mentors and peers for preventing this from affecting my experience here.

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Donatella wearing chef's whites looks at the camera, with college arches in the background


I joined the Hall in January this year as the Pastry chef, the only woman in the kitchen, possibly the first woman employed by the college in this role.

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Rebekka stands in the college garden


I love the sense of community, especially among all the inspiring women we have, who truly build each other up and support each other’s successes. It’s such a refreshing feeling to have this much positivity in a community.

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A selfie of Luna smiling at the camera


The Hall is my college, it holds a very important place in my heart. It isn’t just a place to get food and an accommodation source.

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I don’t picture all of us being characterised by one thing. Yes we are ‘Women of the Hall’ but we are also so much more than that…

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For me, a ‘Woman of the Hall’ is a supporter of women’s rights here , helping raise awareness against bias and call out any gendered actions…

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Being a woman (as it always has been) can be a bit scary at the moment…

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I’ve been incredibly lucky to have strong women role models in my field…

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Saroj (Rosie)

I have been working at the Hall for more than thirty years…

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It is important to have a space for women in an environment that has been historically, and still is, very male-centric…

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Every single woman I’ve met here has had a positive impact on my life somehow, and that is in no way limited to students…

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As Women’s Officer for the MCR I have been extremely lucky to be able to immerse myself in the incredible community of women that we have at Teddy…

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“You don’t look like someone who studies Maths.” – as if my appearance or gender could tell him anything about my intellectual capacity and quantitative ability…

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Teddy hall women are 100% distinct from the women of other colleges…

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Henrike Lähnemann


A very special moment was the day when we elected Kathy Willis as first female principal of the Hall. We were at that time just eight women on Governing Body (out of 42 members) and it felt like a huge moment. I still have a slightly blurry selfie we took in the Ladies in the SCR when we hung up our gowns in a feeling of elation.

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It made me feel that I had become a part of a place I had never seen before. The moment I arrived at the Teddy Hall, I felt at home, and I told myself the pandemic might have stolen a year from me and Teddy Hall, but it took nothing away from the spirit…

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In the lab where I work, there are great professional women that are such good examples of successful women in STEM and I take inspiration from them…

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This is quite literally my second home!

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