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How can I support Teddy Hall’s strategic goals?

Over 8,000 Aularians, in over 100 countries, understand more than anyone the life-changing opportunities the Hall offers. Thanks to Aularian generosity the Hall has been able to achieve many significant milestones over the years. Indeed, the history of Aularian philanthropy can be traced back to 1631 with the bequest of Principal John Rawlinson.

Clearly the continued support of Aularians is critical if we are to ensure that this historic and inspiring institution is fit for purpose for the next millennium. Many Aularians make philanthropic gifts to the Hall and have chosen to remember the Hall in their will and clearly this financial support will underpin much of our ambition.

We will also require Aularian’s energy, networks and time as Hall Ambassadors to inspire and support students as well as maintain the dynamic Aularian community.

Philanthropic support

The continued support of Aularians is essential if we are to maintain our Hall Spirit, academic excellence, and preserve the unique fabric of the Hall. Last year 13.6% of Aularians made a gift to Hall, many supporting The Aularian Fund with a regular donation.

To mirror the strategic plan, the Hall launched a £50m fundraising campaign HALLmarks: Forged by the Hall in the Spring of 2022.  It will allow us to make vital and visionary investments in the physical, intellectual, cultural and pastoral aspects of the College, ensuring Teddy Hall continues to deliver a truly aspirational and inclusive experience for all.

It is only with the help of our alumni and friends that we will be able to reach our £50m campaign goal, featuring an exciting Norham St Edmund project that will at last allow us to accommodate all undergraduates across all years and be at the forefront of net zero building design and construction.

We are almost a quarter of the way towards our goal and every contribution over the next 5 years will help.

If you wish to discuss a specific project, major gift or writing the Hall into your will please contact the Development Office at

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The Aularian Fund

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Leave a Legacy

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Make a Gift or Give your Time

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