All College members and their guests are welcome to attend Chapel services. The Chapel was built by Stephen Penton in the late 17th century. It is famous for the painting ‘Supper at Emmaus’ by Ceri Richards that hangs over the altar and is also well known for the stained-glass window on the east side that was constructed and designed by William Morris and Edward-Burne Jones. The organ was built by Wood of Huddersfield in the 1980s.

A service in the St Edmund Hall Chapel

Virtual Chapel Evensong Services

Termly Chapel has now finished for the vacation break. Visit this page in October for updates about Chapel services in Michaelmas Term 2020.

Forthcoming Services

Virtual Chapel - Evensong

26 Apr 2020

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Virtual Chapel - Reflections from Teddy Hall and University College Chaplains

31 May 2020

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Trinity Chapel Term Card

See below the Order of Service and our weekly speakers.

Jeff Tseng

Week 1 (Sunday 26 April) Theme: Freedom

Order of Service 24.02.2020

Speaker: Professor Jeffrey Tseng

Jeffrey Tseng is Associate Professor and Tutor in Physics at St Edmund Hall. His research with the SNO+ experiment in Canada involves the physics of neutrinos, nearly massless particles which fill the universe, interact so little we mostly don’t notice them, and yet are key to some of the most fundamental questions of nature. He is also the College’s Chapel Fellow.


Jonathan Yates

Week 2 (Sunday 3 May) Theme: Chapel and its Art

Order of Service 03.05.2020

Speaker: Professor Jonathan Yates

Jonathan Yates is Tutor for Materials Science at St Edmund Hall. He grew up on Merseyside and studied in Cambridge. After periods working in Cambridge, Paris and California he moved to Oxford in 2008. Aside from his academic and tutorial duties he looks after the Hall’s art collection – both our paintings and decorative works such as silver, glass and enamels. Outside of the University he runs a scout troop in New Marston.

Week 3 (Sunday 10 May) Theme: Freedom of Speech

Order of Service – 10.05.20

Speaker: Professor Nicholas Davidson

Nicholas Davidson is Associate Professor and Tutor in Modern History. He has overall responsibility for welfare matters in the college. His main research interest is the history of Italy in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. He also has an interest in European and world history between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries.  His research and publications have focused mainly on the social, cultural and religious history of Renaissance and early-modern Italy; European intellectual history, on the history of the Spanish and Portuguese empires, and on the consequences of growing contacts between.

He teaches early-modern European and world history at both undergraduate and graduate level.

Emily Winkler

Week 4 (Sunday 17 May) Theme: Two Civil Wars and St Edmund Hall

Order of Service – 17.05.20

Speaker: Dr Emily Winkler

Emily A. Winkler is a medieval historian, the Principal Investigator of a two-year Arts and Humanities Research Council project entitled ‘The Search for Parity: Rulers, Relationships and the Remote Past, c. 1100–1300’. She is a Research Fellow at the Faculty of History and Fellow by Special Election at St Edmund Hall.


Henrike Lähnemann

Week 5 (Sunday 24 May) Theme: 500 years of Christian Freedom

Order of Service – 24.05.20

Speaker: Professor Henrike Lähnemann

Henrike Lähnemann is Professor of Medieval German Literature and Linguistics and has been a member of the Chapel Choir since coming to St Edmund Hall in 2015. She is interested in the Singing, Printing and Translating the Reformation and organises currently an exhibition and roundtable on Martin Luther’s groundbreaking pamphlet of 1520 “On Christian Freedom”.

Revd Andrew Gregory

Week 6 (Sunday 31 May) Theme: Freedom in the Spirit

Order of Service – 31.05.20

Speaker: Revd Andrew Gregory, Chaplain, University College

Andrew teaches New Testament papers in the Faculty of Theology and Religion. Additionally, he has taught New Testament for the Diocese of Oxford. His research focuses on the New Testament especially the Gospels and Acts and other early Christian literature especially the Apostolic Fathers and Christian Apocrypha. He is co-editor of two series of early Christian texts published by Oxford University Press: the Oxford Apostolic Fathers, and the Oxford Early Christian Gospel Texts. He is currently working on the reception of traditions about Jesus in the period after the New Testament, on Christian Apocrypha, and on the political context of early Christianity in the Roman Empire.


Week 7 (Sunday 7 June) Theme: Freedom, limited and unlimited

Order of Service 07.06.20

Speaker: Dr Martin Whittingham

Martin Whittingham is Director of the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies at The Song School, Oxford. He is an Associate member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford. He teaches in the areas of Islam and Christian-Muslim relations, and is writing a two volume work on the history of Muslim views of the Bible.

Dimitrios Tsomocos

Week 8 (Sunday 14 June) Theme: Freedom in Eternity

Order of Service: 14.06.20

Final Reflection for Leavers’

Speaker: Professor Dimitri Tsomocos

Dimitri Tsomocos is Professor of Financial Economics at Saïd Business School and Fellow in Management at St Edmund Hall. He holds a BA, MA, MPhil and PhD from Yale University. He is co-developer of the Goodhart-Tsomocos model of financial fragility that has been implemented at various Central Banks. His current research focuses on Banking and regulation, incomplete asset markets, systemic risk, financial instability and issues of new financial architecture. He has consulted with various Central Banks and analysed issues of contagion, financial fragility, interbank linkages and impact of the Basel Accord in the macro economy using a General Equilibrium model with incomplete asset markets, money and endogenous default. In addition, he has served on several editorial boards including Annals of Finance and Economic Theory and worked at the Bank of England.

The Chaplain

The College Chaplain is the Revd Anna Hansell, and she is pastorally available to members of the College by appointment. Please email on

Choir and Organ Scholars

If you would like to join the Chapel Choir, please contact our Organ Scholars or the Director of Music. The choir includes several Choral Scholars but is otherwise non-auditioning, and new members are always welcome.

Our Organ Scholars are Viraj Alimchandani and Hagen Papenburg. They can be contacted via

The Teddy Hall Chapel Choir rehearsing

Anna Hansell:

Chapel Fellow
Jeff Tseng:

Director of Music
James Whitbourn:

Senior Organ Scholar
Viraj Alimchandani:

Junior Organ Scholar
Hagen Papenburg:

Deputy Chapel Clerk
Cherona Chapman:

Chapel Music Librarian
Tom Bricknell: and Tom King:

Social Secretary
Alice Tithecott:

For information about Christian Union, Roman Catholic Campus ministry, and information for other faith groups, please contact the chaplain.

Exploring Faith

University is a great time to explore the big questions of meaning and purpose in life. Please email the Chaplain to arrange a meeting. Further information is available on faith societies and belief groups in Oxford.

Serving in the Community

Would you like to give a little time each month to a community project that makes a difference to people’s lives in Oxford – visiting a children’s hospice, giving individual reading support in a local primary school, helping at a night shelter for the homeless? Please contact the Chaplain, as the Hall has some particular projects in mind.

Prayer and Reflection in the Chapel

All students are welcome to use the Chapel for prayer or quiet reflection (provided there are no prior bookings). Please ask at the Porters’ Lodge for a key.

Christian Student Societies

The St Edmund Hall Christian Union representatives are Hudson Hovil ( and Joanna Male (

Find out more about the Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy on their website.

Teddy Hall Chapel

Virtual Tour of the Chapel

As Teddy Hall is currently closed to visitors, take a look at our Chapel online.

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The Crypt

The Crypt beneath the Chancel of St Peter-in-the-East dates from the early 12th century. It is currently out-of-bounds to the public and to groups, but individual College members may visit with permission from the Chaplain or at the discretion of the duty Porter.

Read about the history of St Peter-in-the-East

The crypt of St Peter-in-the-East at St Edmund Hall

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