St Edmund Hall


We are pleased to announce that in 2019 Teddy Hall will be publishing a beautifully illustrated book which will stand as a portrait of St Edmund Hall and a lively celebration of its past and present.

We will produce a rich overview of Hall life – the intriguing history of a medieval Hall and its transformation into a distinguished college within the University of Oxford. It will record the stories of place, people, communities and events. The book will be a shared project where the writings of many Hall personalities come together to illustrate the diverse aspects of college life, both academic and social, through all periods of the Hall’s existence.

The book will be split in to the following chapters:

• Origins and Development of the Medieval Hall
• The 20th Century Transitions
• Buildings, Places and Things: Eclectic Accretions
• Student Life
• Academic Development: People and Disciplines
• Aularian Recollections: Stories from the Hall

This will be the first such celebration of life at the Hall and a treasure for Aularians and friends. We are rightly proud of the Hall’s claim to a special, distinctive and distinguished place in Oxford. We look forward to capturing that distinctive ethos – often termed ‘Hall Spirit’ – in the book and I hope you will support this venture with contributions and subscriptions.

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