Aularian Fund

Telephone Campaign 2021

Meet our team of student callers

The 2021 Telephone Campaign took place over two weeks in March. The team enjoyed the chance to connect with and learn from their predecessors, and talk about some of the exciting projects we have going on at the Hall.

The ongoing support of alumni is essential to so many aspects of Hall life. In 2019, 1,101 Aularians supported the Hall; over 700 of whom made a regular gift to the Aularian Fund. This allowed us to provide financial support to 25% of undergraduates, refurbish accommodation, award grants for books and field trips, foster Hall Spirit and creativity and connect with over 5,300 secondary school students through our outreach work.

For more information, please contact the Development & Alumni Relations Office E: T: +44 1865 279041

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Brittany - Student Caller

Brittany, Engineering

Home Town… Devon

Interests… I started rowing pre-Corona, post-starting-uni and already know that I’m going to love it! I enjoy playing the drums, the piano and guitar, as well as whipping up a good meal and doing some yoga.

Hopes to… become an Engineer, maybe with the navy, or (aiming very high) for a space agency. Less long-term, I hope to travel as soon as it’s safe and legal to do so, to experience new cultures.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the close-knit community. I love that everyone knows everyone and there’s always a familiar face to smile at across the quad. The ming is pretty good too.

Emily, English & French

Home Town… Abingdon

Interests…Rowing!!! I’m a cox for the uni, which takes up an obscene amount of time. I also love playing guitar, walking the dog, reading and spending time with friends.

Hopes to… make it to the end of my degree and move to London to do something creative (and continue rowing).

Loves Teddy Hall for…the people! And the beautiful architecture.

Emma Student Caller

Emma, Spanish & Russian

Home town… Chester

Interests… I love to go hiking and staying active! Also, I really enjoy reading, languages and travelling.

Hopes to… become a management consultant. In the short term, I hope to get abroad to practice my languages and see the world!

Loves Teddy Hall for… the people, pretty buildings, and free mince pies at Christmas.

Gabriella, French & Russian

Home Town… Wrexham

Interests… Football, baking, politics, soviet literature.

Hopes to… go into government.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the people that make up the community in Teddy, all the staff, the students, the tutors, everyone is absolutely fantastic.

Julien, History

Home Town… Paris

Interests… tennis, rowing rugby, politics, British rock and heavy metal.

Hopes to… work in the French civil service.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the Hall Spirit and the medieval architecture.

Lily, Spanish & Russian

Home Town… Reading

Interests… Sewing, languages, playing cello, music, film, fashion.

Hopes to… become a diplomat and work around the world.

Loves Teddy Hall for… its warm atmosphere and my friends and the fact that there are lots of fun events planned by the JCR for everyone to enjoy.

Maarya, Comparative Education

Home Town… London-Queens-Kabul

Interests… True crime documentaries, Foucault and social activism.

Hopes to… pursue doctoral studies in youth civic behaviour and the triadic nexus it plays between their political identity, the electoral system, and the wider political context it is situated in.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the beautiful Teddy Hall Library!

Olga, DPhil Education

Home Town… Almaty, Kazakhstan

Interests… Philosophy of education, environmental humanities, contemporary Central Asian art.

Hopes to… become a philosopher of education.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the friendliest porters and commitment to sustainability!


Renesha, Jurisprudence

Home Town… West Bromwich

Interests… Anything with a superhero, Beyoncé or a musical!

Hopes to… become a solicitor, potentially in a firm with a large focus in media law.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the friends I’ve made along the way!

Shakila, Jurisprudence

Home Town… London

Interests… I really enjoy reading and also occasionally playing some hockey and netball.

Hopes to… I’m not entirely sure what I want to do, but would love to teach abroad at some point!

Loves Teddy Hall for… how welcoming it is to everyone and how friendly it is.

Tomas - Student Caller

Tomas, Russian

Home Town… Richmond Park, London

Interests… Drama, rugby, football and languages.

Hopes to… become a diplomat or perhaps something within sports management.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the fantastic banter and general atmosphere.

Will, MPhil Modern Middle Eastern Studies

Home Town… Sherborne

Interests… Cricket and politics.

Hopes to… pursue a PhD in Contemporary Islam and then perhaps stay in academia.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the excellent food and friendly community.