Aularian Fund

Telephone Campaign 2020

Meet this year’s team of student callers

This year’s Telephone Campaign will take place over two weeks in December 2020. The team are looking forward to the chance to connect with and learn from their predecessors, and talk about some of the exciting projects we have going on at the Hall.

The ongoing support of alumni is essential to so many aspects of Hall life. In 2019, 1,101 Aularians supported the Hall; over 700 of whom made a regular gift to the Aularian Fund. This allowed us to provide financial support to 25% of undergraduates, refurbish accommodation, award grants for books and field trips, foster Hall Spirit and creativity and connect with over 5,300 secondary school students through our outreach work.

For more information, please contact Sally Brooks, Head of Development & Alumni Relations E: T: +44 1865 279041

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Alex, Economics & Management

Home Town… Sevenoaks, Kent

Interests… Football and a variety of other sports (to an average standard). I am also a member of the National Youth Theatre.

Hopes to… get a spring programme, and, following that, an internship at an investment bank or management consultancy firm.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the unity that results from the friendliness of all.

Alexandra, Medicine

Home Town… Exeter

Interests… I’m very involved in improving access to Oxford – I’ve been the JCR access officer for the past year. I also play violin in the university Ceilidh band and have just started rowing. At home in Devon, I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Hopes to… So far, I’m interested in becoming an endocrinologist, or working in women’s medicine. I’m also really interested in pharmacology research and healthcare policy, so would be keen to pursue something in that area.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the Hall community and spirit! I particularly love how inclusive and friendly the medical sciences community is, and how brilliant our tutors are.

Elisabed, Development Studies

Home Town… Tbilisi

Interests… Cycling (newly acquired) and sleeping! Also, doodling and, recently, costume design!

Hopes to… find a job in a post-pandemic world or pursue a Dphil.

Loves Teddy Hall for… students, faculty, and staff! and of course the beautiful library and the spooky graveyard.

Felicity, English Language and Literature

Home town… Chester

Interests… reading (obviously), rowing and working on student drama productions.

Hopes to… maybe do something in theatre, maybe publishing, still figuring it out!

Loves Teddy Hall for… the Hall Spirit, and the beautiful library and graveyard too.

Gabriella, French and Russian

Home Town… Wrexham

Interests… Football, baking, politics, soviet literature.

Hopes to… go into government.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the people that make up the community in Teddy, all the staff, the students, the tutors, everyone is absolutely fantastic.

Gabriele Brasaite

Gabriele (Gabby), Chemistry

Home Town… Horley, Surrey

Interests…MUSIC! Violin, chamber music, choir and custard creams.

Hopes to… Ahhhhhhh! I don’t know!

Loves Teddy Hall for… the wonderful people of the Hall, the Hall Spirit and chocomilk from the JCR.

James Mann

James, Geography

Home Town…London

Interests…I’m very involved in college life being the JCR social secretary as well as being on the committee of both the rugby and football club. Outside of college I play rugby league and play the trumpet.

Hopes to… work either for an NGO or something to do with the environment.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the sport and the friendly atmosphere.

Julien, History

Home Town… Paris

Interests… tennis and rowing

Hopes to… work in the French civil service or strategic studies.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the Hall Spirit and the medieval architecture.


Lily, Modern Languages

Home Town… Reading

Interests… Sewing, Languages, Playing cello, music, film, fashion

Hopes to… become a diplomat and work around the world.

Loves Teddy Hall for… its warm atmosphere and my friends and the fact that there are lots of fun events planned by the JCR for everyone to enjoy.

Maarya, Comparative Education

Home Town… London-Queens-Kabul

Interests… True crime documentaries, Foucault and social activism.

Hopes to… pursue doctoral studies in youth civic behaviour and the triadic nexus it plays between their political identity, the electoral system, and the wider political context it is situated in.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the beautiful Teddy Hall Library!

Rachel, PPE

Home Town… Birmingham

Interests… College football, hockey and netball, and recently skateboarding. The environment, sustainability and related issues. Movies and tv.

Hopes to… find an internship and subsequent job in consulting, maybe explore environmental consulting, and hopefully move on to environmental work and charity stuff later in life.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the people and the atmosphere! More recently finding aularian connect has been amazing!

Shakila, Jurisprudence

Home Town… London

Interests… I really enjoy reading and also occasionally playing some hockey and netball.

Hopes to… I’m not entirely sure what I want to do, but would love to teach abroad at some point!

Loves Teddy Hall for… how welcoming it is to everyone and how friendly it is.

Will, MPhil Modern Middle Eastern Studies

Home Town… Sherborne

Interests… Cricket and Politics

Hopes to… pursue a PhD in Contemporary Islam and then perhaps stay in academia.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the excellent food and friendly community.