Annual Fund

Telephone Campaign 2020

Teddy Hall Telephone Campaign 

Due to the unprecedented situation with Covid-19 the College has taken the decision to cancel our March 2020 Telephone Campaign. This decision has been taken to prioritise the health and welfare of all members of the Teddy Hall community.

The ongoing support of Aularians is essential to so many aspects of Hall life. In 2019, 1,101 Aularians supported the Hall; over 700 of whom made a regular gift to the Annual Fund. This allowed us to provide financial support to 25% of undergraduates, refurbish accommodation, award grants for books and field trips, foster Hall Spirit and creativity and connect with over 5,300 secondary school students through our outreach work.

If you would like to make a gift now you can do so here: Make a gift online 

Aularians in the USA can make a gift tax efficiently here: Donate via Americans for Oxford

We very much look forward to connecting with alumni in future telethons, and if you have any questions, please contact

Adam Roble

Adam, History and Politics

Home Town… London

Interests… Football, rugby, competitive debating and volunteering.

Hopes to…I’m thinking about a few things ranging from further study to banking.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the people! It’s the people that really makes the Hall what it is and it’s so great that we’ve got such a fantastic group of them!


Aisla Williams

Aisla, Neuroscience

Home Town… Frome, Somerset (coolest town in the country, 2019)

Interests… I play Ice Hockey for the Uni and a lot of college sports, most notably football, which is great fun! I also love to cook.

Hopes to… pursue academic research, hopefully in the area of Behavioural Neuroscience.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the Hall Spirit (particularly regarding football matches) and JCRT!

Andrew Ramos

Andrew, DPhil in Medical Sciences

Home Town… San Diego, California

Interests… travelling, polo, gymnastics, photography

Hopes to…work in consulting or in foreign service officer/ambassadorial roles

Loves Teddy Hall for… Teddy Hall food – salmon nights and formal dinners, especially!


Edward, Mst Medieval Studies

Home Town…Brussels, Belgium

Interests… Music, skiing, surfing, college rowing, and travelling!

Hopes to… work in NGOs, lobby groups or think tanks in social policy with the long-term goal of doing a law conversion.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the sense of community, especially in the MCR, the food, and the fact the college doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Felicity, English Language and Literature

Home town… Chester

Interests… reading (obviously), rowing and working on student drama productions.

Hopes to… maybe do something in theatre, maybe publishing, still figuring it out!

Loves Teddy Hall for… the Hall Spirit, and the beautiful library and graveyard too.

Fleur, MSt Modern British History

Home Town… Stevenage

Interests… Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Feminist activism.

Hopes to… undertake a PhD at Teddy Hall in History, and continue my academic research for as long as possible.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the unmatched beauty of the quad throughout the year

Gabriella, French and Russian

Home Town… I was born in Burnley, but I’ve lived in North Wales most of my life, in a town called Rhosllanerchrugog

Interests… I absolutely love watching football, supporting Burnley and the Welsh national team. I also love Rugby, cinema, swimming and dogs.

Hopes to… work in the foreign office or be Prime Minister!

Loves Teddy Hall for… the people that make up the community in Teddy, all the staff, the students, the tutors, everyone is absolutely fantastic.


Gabriele Brasaite

Gabriele (Gabby), Chemistry

Home Town… Horley, Surrey

Interests…MUSIC! Violin, chamber music, choir and custard creams

Hopes to… Ahhhhhhh! I don’t know!

Loves Teddy Hall for… The wonderful people of the Hall, the Hall Spirit and chocomilk from the JCR

James Mann

James, Geography

Home Town…London

Interests…I’m very involved in college life being the JCR social secretary as well as being on the committee of both the rugby and football club. Outside of college I play rugby league and play the trumpet.

Hopes to… work either for an NGO or something to do with the environment.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the sport and the friendly atmosphere.

Julien, History

Home Town… Paris

Interests… tennis and rowing

Hopes to… work in the French civil service or strategic studies.

Loves Teddy Hall for… Hall Spirit, and the medieval architecture.


Laura Simpson

Laura, Medicine

Home Town… Woodend, Towcester

Interests… Sport!!! Especially playing football for the Hall (both women’s and men’s team) I have played in two varsity rugby matches at Twickenham (1st and 2nd year) and I have played netball, hockey, football, rugby, floorball, rowing, and waterpolo for the Hall.

Hopes to… be an emergency medicine doctor, going out to disaster areas and treating people.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the Hall Spirit – hearing everyone cheering for you on the sports pitch, and seeing friendly faces every day in the quad or the JCR!

Megan Jones

Megan, Fine Art

Home Town… Northamptonshire

Interests… travelling, cooking, rowing, and art of course!

Hopes to… do something within the visual art world, either managing a gallery or in arts education, but not fully decided yet.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the big community of artists in the college, the Front Quad, and the Hall Spirit!

Will, MPhil Modern Middle Eastern Studies

Home Town… Sherborne

Interests… Cricket and Politics

Hopes to… pursue a PhD in Contemporary Islam and then perhaps stay in academia.

Loves Teddy Hall for… the excellent food and friendly community.