Mystery Cycle Play Performance

23 April 2022

2022 Play Information

Recordings of all plays from 2019 are found at

We are proposing the same list of plays as last time at the same performance points: Old Testament in the Front Quad, New Testament in the Churchyard, Last Judgement in the Broadbent Garden, also with the same standing area for the audience (pavement in the Front Quad, grass areas around the performance spots for the other locations).

This is the list of plays we are suggesting (the red ones are still free) mapped to the performance spots on the location site below:

  1. Creation & Fall of Adam and Eve (York): English Medievalists, dir. Dan Wakelin, ODH 2
  2. Killing of Abel (Towneley), 3
  3. Noah (Towneley), MSt Medieval Studies students, University of Oxford 1
  4. Abraham (Brome MS), 3
  5. Annunciation: double bill in Middle Dutch, dir. Godelinde Perk, St Edmund Statue,4 and Medieval Italian (Boccaccio), dir. Lachlan Hughes (tbc), (tbc) 4
  6. Visitation (The Salutation of Elizabeth) (Towneley), 4
  7. 2nd Shepherds’ (Towneley), 5
  8. Magi (Spanish): dir. Lucy Pick, 5
  9. Herod the Great (Towneley), 5
  10. Mary Magdalen (Mystère de la Passion): French Medievalists, dir. David Wiles (tbc), 6
  11. Lazarus (Towneley), Medieval English Master students (tbc), 6
  12. Pilate’s Wife (York), 6
  13. Crucifixion (York): St Peter’s Ensemble (UCL), dir. Eoin Bentick (tbc), 7
  14. Harrowing of Hell (Towneley): Harris Manchester College Players (tbc), 8
  15. Resurrection (Innsbruck Easter Play): Medieval Germanists (tbc), 9
  16. Judgement (Towneley): Teddy Hall Drama Society (tbc), 10

Watch the Mystery Cycle on YouTube

Find out more about the mystery plays and how this performance came about in a blog post by co-organiser Henrike Lähnemann.

Performance Locations