Antonin Charret

2020, DPhil Education

Antonin Charret (2020, DPhil Education) is a student at St Edmund Hall.

Antonin is currently completing a DPhil at the Department of Education. Prior to joining the department, he coordinated international projects at the crossroads of education, culture and social action for various not-for-profit organizations based in France. His academic and professional accomplishments have all been orientated towards fostering dynamics of collaboration beyond geographical borders and the existing frontiers between professional sectors and academic disciplines. Antonin previously obtained an MSc in Comparative and International Education, here at Oxford, as well as an MA in Film and Philosophy and a BA in Film Studies from King’s College London.

Antonin’s current research is directed towards global regionalisms in higher education with a specific interest in transnational university alliances. He is currently investigating the pilot phases of the ‘European Universities Initiative’, the European Commission’s central higher education programme for the coming years. Antonin is researching how the flows of knowledge, students, citizenship, and academic staff occurring within these novel networks of higher education institutions form a regional higher education space.