The Aularian Fund

What does the Aularian Fund support?

The Aularian Fund directly benefits the students of Teddy Hall every day by supporting all aspects of student life at the Hall. Regular donations, of all sizes, are vital to our ability to support our students every year.

MCR Students walking through the library churchyard

Providing bursaries and scholarships

Ensuring ability not means determines whether a student can join the Hall.

3 Aularians giving £45 a month could provide an Undergraduate Bursary for a disadvantaged student.

Providing hardship support

Providing support for students in unexpected financial difficulty.

100 Aularians giving £12.50 a month could support the Hardship Fund for a whole year.

Roadshow 2019

Inspiring Young Minds

Reaching thousands of school pupils through our Access and Outreach work.

£24 a month allows the Hall to host five school visits – inspiring dozens of prospective students.

Modern Languages Tutorial with Wes Williams

Maintaining the tutorial system

The tutorial system is fundamental to an Oxford education but it comes at a cost, tuition fees cover only half of the cost of educating an undergraduate at the Hall.

£20 a month could fund an additional 25 hours of teaching – supporting a subject for a whole term.

St Edmund Hall's Front Quad and Library, seen from above

Maintaining the Hall’s historic estate

Developing solutions to become the greenest, most environmentally sustainable college in Oxford.

If everyone who lived on Queen’s Lane since 2010 made a gift of just £5 a month we could green the site within two years.

Oxford captain Sophie Behan and Cambridge captain Lara Gibson with The Rhino Trophy – Wired Photos

Enriching the Hall Experience

Ensuring all students can benefit from a wide range of artistic, cultural and sporting activities.

£8 a month could fund replacement kit for one of our Cuppers winning teams.

We are enormously grateful to all those who give regularly to the  Aularian Fund, please join them to help us ensure the continued success of Teddy Hall and provide the same opportunities you enjoyed at the Hall to more talented young students, regardless of background.

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Make Your Gift

By setting up a regular gift, you give us the financial stability to continue providing excellent teaching, facilities, and work to create a college which is open and inclusive, now and in the future.

The button below will direct you to the University of Oxford Gift Registry to set up a regular gift to St Edmund Hall.

Make your regular gift to the Aularian Fund

Aularians in the USA can make a tax efficient regular gift via Americans for Oxford.

Alternatively, contact Sarah Bridge, Regular Giving Manager, and 01865 279087 to set up your regular gift. The Development and Alumni Relations Office will write to thank you and confirm details of all gifts made through the University of Oxford website or Americans for Oxford.