Inside the Lab at the Research Expo
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The Lab

The Doctorow Hall was transformed into the Lab: a fascinating space full of demonstrations, displays and interactive experiments.

Some of the highlights included:

Stimulating Minds: Dr Charlie Stagg

In our research we use non-invasive brain stimulation methods such as magnetic pulses and small electric currents, to drive learning and plasticity in the brain.  Charlie and her team showed the kit they use and explained how these research approaches are beginning to make a real difference for patients. 

They demonstrated brain stimulation on the hour each hour.

Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit: Dr Mike Dee

An explanation of the Unit’s work, which includes providing radiocarbon dating for archaeological and environmental research, and some of their high-profile cases: the Shroud of Turin, Richard III, Neanderthals, mammoths and ancient Egypt.

The study of cancer and bone: Professor Claire Edwards

Assisted by a skeleton, some bones, microscopes and a laptop, the team demonstrated how they study bone cancer.

Brain Plasticity in Action: Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg

The study of brain plasticity to understand how our lifestyle affects our brain, how the brain recovers after stroke, and how the brain changes after amputation.
Can you control a ball with your brain waves? Can we retrain attention after stroke? What is a phantom hand? Can physical exercise change your brain?

Exercise, Oxygen and the Heart: Dr Samira Lakhal-Littleton

The team showed how they look at the effects of exercise and hypoxia status on the cardiac function.