Andrew Kahn to take up visiting professorship at the Ecole Normale Superieure

19 Mar 2018

Professor Andrew Kahn

In the early summer Professor Andrew Kahn (Fellow and Tutor in Russian) will be visiting professor for two months at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, a position to which he was elected in an open competition. Whilst there, he will give several lectures and be affiliated with a team at the Institute of Texts and Manuscripts (ITEM). He plans to spend the time conducting work for a book he is writing on the Russian Enlightenment, which is under active consideration by Princeton University Press.

The chapters will cumulatively substantiate the case for Russia as part of the European Enlightenment, understood as a set of linked trends also shaped by national specificity. The essay will discuss major eighteenth-century Russian thinkers, poets, dramatists, satirists, travel writers, economists, and give considerable attention to Catherine the Great whose activism played a central role in the Russian Enlightenment project, and whose writings constitute a formidable narrative on her own Enlightenment ambitions. Read more about Andrew’s ideas here.

Andrew will then return to Paris next year, in a different capacity, as a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies. This is a prestigious research fellowship, for which applications are extremely competitive. Find out more about the fellowships on the Institute’s website.

He has also been invited to speak on one of his other areas of expertise at Harvard towards the end of this month. Andrew will deliver a lecture on ‘Mandelstam’s Love Lyric: Sex and Devotion’, at 4:15pm on Thursday 29 March.

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