Thank you to the Hall community for a successful third Giving Day

21 Sep 2021

Teddy Hall Giving Day Tree
The Teddy Hall Giving Tree. Each donation was represented by a biodegradable ribbon.

We are pleased to announce that Teddy Hall’s third Giving Day on the 16-17 September 2021 has so far raised an amazing £97,302 from 290 generous donors in 17 different countries. The funds raised will directly help current and future students, the Hall’s outreach programme, increase the amount of affordable living at Teddy Hall and reduce the College’s environmental impact.

We are deeply grateful to alumni, friends, staff and students for your generosity, inspiration and help in reaching such a brilliant result. Staff and students were set various virtual challenges to bring the community together and to celebrate the Hall. Over the course of the 36 hours, we received over 20 sustainable pledges, tied nearly 300 biodegradable ribbons to our Giving Tree and saw the 1960s and 70s go head to head in our decades’ challenge with 1961 ultimately coming out on top!

You can see your name on the donor wall and still donate to the Giving Day at the link below:

Giving Day 2021 website

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