Hall expands EcoSync system to external properties

2 Feb 2024

EcoSync is an interactive heating control system with an EcoSync valve installed onto a radiator to monitor and save heat energy. The Hall previously used this in its Besse student accommodation building on Queen’s Lane but we have recently rolled it out to our external properties 26 and 24 Norham Gardens, and Flat A and B at 1 Crick Road totalling 63 EcoSync devices installed in addition to the 70 at Besse.

Ecosync valves allow our students to control the temperature in their rooms using a QR code and app. With the College working hard to save energy and reduce of C02 footprint, it also allows us to control the heating in rooms remotely, should, for example, one become empty. There are no wires or batteries to maintain, and the management portal lets us see how the building is being heated as a whole.

EcoSync Valve
EcoSync App with QR Code

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