Professor Jeff Tseng

Professor of Physics and Tutorial Fellow

Jeff Tseng is a Professor of Physics and Tutorial Fellow at St Edmund Hall.

What initially attracted me to pursue the study of physics was special relativity, which mixes up space and time with compelling yet mind-bending logic.  It was my first experience of the universe’s fantastic weirdness, something I still enjoy researching through the lens of particle physics, the study of the basic constituents of matter, and sharing through teaching.

My research has involved high-energy particle colliders at Fermilab, outside Chicago, and CERN, in Geneva.  More recently, I have spent more of my time on Canada’s SNO+ experiment, which is looking at fundamental questions of the nature of elusive, nearly massless neutrinos, and observing neutrinos from other sources such as supernovae – which, in spite of being among the brightest optical events in the universe, lose 99% of their energy in neutrinos.  I also co-lead a Supernova Early Warning System (SNEWS) collaboration task group which aims to calculate the location of a galactic supernova by combining data from an international network of neutrino and dark matter detectors several hours before optical telescopes can catch their first glimpse of it.

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