Karina Wilson

Karina Wilson (1988) is a story consultant and screenwriter working at the heart of Hollywood.

She is also a playwright (C Theatre have been performing her work at the Edinburgh Fringe every year since 1996), a film festival judge, and a critic.  She writes about film for many outlets, including the American Film Institute and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and pens a regular column on horror fiction in LitReactor.

“The English course at Oxford helped me to become a writer by giving me immersion and access to everything – it helped me find a place on the continuum of literature, and to learn an awe of those who came before…

… I’m of the view that writing can’t be taught. Most Creative Writing classes are just teaching self-criticism skills, enabling writers to edit their own work rather than generate it… Far more useful are writers’ groups, and learning how to give and take feedback. My advice to young writers is ‘live the biggest life you can and embrace experiences that will make you unique, both positive and negative. Don’t be afraid to rip it up and start again.”