Melissa Bradshaw

Melissa Bradshaw (2000, English) is a journalist and music critic as well as a literary theorist.

While completing a PhD on Sylvia Plath, Elizabeth Bishop and Psychoanalysis, Melissa worked as a freelance music journalist covering underground music in London. She wrote for Plan B Magazine, RBMA’s The Daily Note, POP Magazine, the Guardian, and more. She was one of the first writers to cover dubstep, and was one of the few journalists to have interviewed Sade for the release of her album ‘Soldier of Love’ in 2010. She was later the first journalist to whom legendary grime DJ Slimzee spoke about having breakdown after being given an ASBO.

Melissa went on to study international journalism and is currently a multimedia producer.

“After years of studying writing it has become clear to me that writing is part of a great mystery that we have created in order not to be animals, objects, or machines. Obviously writing enables and transmits knowledge of the world in the past, present and future: it is funny that though the humanities are being de-prioritised, every academic discipline involves some kind of writing. But writing is also that through which we reach for what we do not yet fully comprehend, both in and beyond ourselves, and I think that is what makes it absolutely necessary that writing should not be reduced to an economic function.”