Professor Philipp Podsiadlowski

Professor of Physics and Tutor in Physics

Philipp Podsiadlowski is Professor of Physics in the Astrophysics sub-department at the University of Oxford and Tutorial Fellow in Physics at St Edmund Hall. He is also (since 2015) the Humboldt Prize Fellow at the University of Bonn.

Philipp’s main research interests are :

  • Astrophysics: theoretical stellar astrophysics: the evolution of single and binary stars;
  • supernovae on supernova 1987A;
  • gamma-ray bursts;
  • stellar hydrodynamics.

His publications may be accessed online at ukads.

Philipp Podsiadlowski giving a talk at the St Edmund Hall Research Expo

Find out more about Philipp’s research by watching the short talk (aimed at a non-specialist audience) he gave at the 2017 St Edmund Hall Research Expo. In it he answers the following questions: why has the recent detection of gravitational waves been one of the most important discoveries in modern times for astrophysics? And what are the implications of the new Advanced LIGO gravitational-wave detector for future discoveries about black holes?

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Professor Podsiadlowski involved in research around gravitational waves

19 Oct 2017

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