Rob Petre


What does a College Archivist do? Well, I believe that the purpose of my job is to preserve the documentary heritage of the College (whether those documents are paper, parchment or pdf) and make it available for researchers. I am here to try to answer questions on any aspect of St Edmund Hall’s history using the records created by the Hall itself.

I am Dorset- born and raised, and I have degrees in history from York and archive administration from Liverpool. I started work among the archives of Oxford colleges in 2004 after 14 years in local authority archives in Cornwall and Bristol.

Outside of my family, my passions are for bird-watching, real ale and Steve Earle, or as a friend once told me, country walks, country pubs and country music.

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"Pusey's Henchman": a Tractarian at the Hall

29 May 2019

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Principal Emden: ‘the force that did what had waited 700 years’

13 Feb 2019

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14 Oct 2019

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11 Nov 2020

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