Mathematics and Statistics


The first year course in Mathematics and Statistics is the same as the first year course in Mathematics. This gives you a solid grounding in both pure and applied maths, from integration to multivariable calculus.

From the second year on, students have a wider range of statistics options (including simulation and statistical programming) as well as compulsory statistics courses (applied statistics, which includes computer practicals). In the fourth year, you undertake a research project in an area of statistics, probability, or operations research. The project is a great opportunity to carry out a substantial piece of statistical work, whilst giving you the communication skills to explain statistics. This latter component is particularly important for statisticians, as statistics is frequently misused and misunderstood in the media.

You should also read the information on our Mathematics course page.

If you are unsure whether to apply for Mathematics or for Mathematics and Statistics, don’t worry! The answer is that it doesn’t matter.

Applications for both courses are treated exactly the same, and it is very easy to switch from one to the other after the first year (and still possible even after the second year). So you have the chance to see what both subjects are like at Oxford before deciding where your main interest lies.

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Our Tutors

Professor Oliver Riordan


Professor of Discrete Mathematics and Tutor in Mathematics

Professor Oliver Riordan joined the College in October 2007 as a Tutorial Fellow in Mathematics, on his appointment as Professor of Discrete Mathematics in Oxford’s Mathematical Institute. Oliver’s research interests have varied with time, but the main focus is and always has been discrete structures, in particular “graphs”, i.e. mathematical models of networks.

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Professor Luc Nguyen


Tutorial Fellow in Mathematics

Professor Luc Nguyen has been at Teddy Hall since October 2013. His research interests are geometric partial differential equations, particularly those arising in general relativity, geometric analysis and liquid crystals.

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Dr Tom Crawford


Early Career Teaching and Outreach Fellow in Mathematics

Dr Tom Crawford specialises in Applied Maths and completed his PhD in Fluid Dynamics. He also has an award-winning website which hosts videos, podcasts, puzzles and articles that aim to make maths entertaining and understandable to all.

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