A Statement from St Edmund Hall

8 Jun 2020

A Statement from St Edmund Hall

As a college community, we are horrified by circumstances that led to the death of George Floyd two weeks ago and the widespread institutional racism from which this emerged. Institutional racism affects all institutions, including academia. It is a sad time in the world when we feel that we need to make public a statement such as this, but we feel we must state clearly and loudly that our college will never tolerate any racist behaviour in any shape or form and that we strive always to be a safe and fully respectful space for BAME students and staff. We are, however, acutely aware that we must also never be complacent in these actions; there is much more we can and should do. In our 10-year strategy launched late last year, which emerged from consultation across the entire college community, we made a commitment to be a college where “inclusivity, equality and diversity are understood, recognised and celebrated across the community” and we agreed to undertake specific actions to achieve this. Since then, we have set up new structures and working groups to examine all aspects of our communications, activities and training across the entire college to ensure that these actions are delivered and that we are a fully inclusive community where no-one should – or will ever – feel excluded.

Principal – Professor Katherine Willis
MCR President – Freddie Soerensen
JCR President – Benjamin Penny

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