Introducing Fizza Zaidi as JCR President 23-24

27 Feb 2024

Fizza Zaidi JCR President 22-23
Fizza Zaidi (2022, English Language and Literature)

Fizza Zaidi (2022, English Language and Literature) was elected by the St Edmund Hall undergraduate students to become their next JCR (Junior Common Room) president. She took over the role from Brodie Weymouth in 9th Week of Michaelmas term 2023.

Why did you choose to stand for election?

I chose to stand for election because I think Teddy Hall is a fantastic place with so much to offer, and I’ve always been interested in going behind the scenes to see what I can do on behalf of the JCR to help keep it so. The role of president also puts me in a position where I get to meet a huge variety of people, from representing the undergrads at alumni dinners to meeting JCR presidents of different colleges or welcoming prospective students, and it is a privilege I really relish. I will also very often be found chatting to pretty much anybody around college, and being JCR president helps me take all those opinions and ideas I absorb and present them to the people who can help change things or turn ideas into reality! Plus, I get to do my part maintaining that Hall spirit we all know and love.

What are you hoping to achieve?

I’m hoping to keep things running smoothly, and continue celebrating Hall life, but all aspects of it. I believe people deserve to know what is out there for them to get involved in, and I think a big part of that is communication, which starts from the top. I hope to just be a friendly and approachable face to everybody.

What do you think are the current strengths of the College?

‘Hall spirit’ is a phrase that comes up very often, and for good reason – I think the Hall is full of passion and when we show up for something, we really show up. It’s cosy and friendly, and ultimately an extremely vibrant and varied place that really does have something for everyone, no matter what your interests.

Tell us a little more about yourself, and your interests.

I’m a 2nd year English Literature and Language student. I love going to the cinema and watching films, as well as performing, and I’m a cox for the college boat club/SEHBC (#Hall4Headship!) I’ve also been doing karate for over 11 years now and I have my 2nd dan black belt, and I always enjoy meeting new people (which definitely works well for me as pres!). Plus, unsurprisingly, I love reading – though often stuff that I haven’t discovered through a termly reading list!

What do you think might be the most difficult aspect of being JCR President?

Keeping my weekly emails short (I am an English student after all!), as well as keeping on top of the meetings and admin alongside my degree. Terms are also so intense and we’re all so busy that I think getting people excited about things and getting information out to them could be tough, but I think we can beat the termly blues.

What was the most amusing or unexpected question you were asked in Hustings, and how did you reply?

I was asked to do a dance move to show I’m dynamic and energetic as every good JCR president should be. Standing in front of an audience while husting for president is definitely one of the more unusual situations in which I’ve danced, but it was a great way to shake off the adrenaline and not let hustings get too serious!

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  • Secretary – Mefe Kılıç
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  • LGBTQ+ Officer – Harry McWilliam & Lucy Cade
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  • Academic Officer – Siddhant Tandon
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