Emeritus Professor Robert Whittaker the recipient of the Alfred Russel Wallace Award 2023

13 Nov 2023

Robert Whittaker
Professor Robert Whittaker

Professor Robert Whittaker, Emeritus Fellow at St Edmund Hall and Emeritus Professor of Biogeography, has been announced as the 2023 recipient of the International Biogeography Society’s biennial award for a lifetime of outstanding contributions by an eminent scholar in Biogeography. The award is named after Alfred Russel Wallace Award, a key founding figure in the field of biogeography. Professor Whittaker will receive the award at the Biennial meeting of the International Biogeography Society, which will be held in Prague in January 2024.

Rob comments, “I am thrilled to receive this award from the International Biogeography Society. It reflects greatly on the many brilliant graduate students and other talented colleagues with whom I have worked over the years.”

The Alfred Russel Wallace Award was established by the International Biogeography Society (IBS) in 2004 to recognise a lifetime of outstanding contributions by an eminent scholar in any subdiscipline of biogeography. The previous recipients are Petr Pyšek, Rosemary Gillespie, Margaret Davis, Daniel Simberloff, James H. Brown, Robert E. Ricklefs, John C. Avise, Jared M. Diamond, and Jack (John) C. Briggs.

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