John Dunbabin

Emeritus Fellow

John Dunbabin is a former Tutor in Politics and now an Emeritus Fellow of St Edmund Hall. He is a specialist in International Relations.

In his extensive work on 20th-century International Relations, John has made notable contributions on British re-armament in the 1930s and the Cold War, among many others. In his work on 19th- and 20th-century Britain, he has produced distinguished work on rural and political history – including on local government and university financing. Among John’s most recognised research are his studies on ‘border diplomacy’ in North America, specifically the diplomacy of the fixing of what is now the US-Canadian border.

  • History topics in British history (mostly since c.1815), with a certain rural and electoral bias; financial history of Oxford University.
  • Politics – international relations since c.1908; origins of the US-Canadian border.

International Relations since 1945
    Vol. 1 – The Cold War: the Great Powers and their Allies – 2nd edition, Pearson/Longman 2008, ISBN: 978-0-582-42398-5 [1st edition, Longman 1994, ISBN: 0-582-49365-X]
Vol. 2 – The Post-Imperial Age: the Great Powers and the Wider World – Longman 1994, ISBN: 0-582-22720-8

Rural Discontent in Nineteenth Century Britain – Faber and Faber 1974, ISBN: 0-8419-0146-5

Financial chapters in The History of the University of Oxford, vols 5, 6, 8, ISBN: 0199510156; 0199510164; 0198229747

Also articles, etc., both in these general fields, and in relation to:

  • British electoral reform and psephological history
  • British government and local government in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  • British rearmament and foreign policy in the 1930s
  • Maps and Border Diplomacy in North America in the late 18th and 19th centuries.

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John Dunbabin receives ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’

6 Jul 2017

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