Dr Simone Falco

College Lecturer in Engineering Science

Simone Falco is a College Lecturer in Engineering Science.

Simone is Senior Researcher in Computational Mechanics at the Department of Engineering Science. His research interests are in the mechanics of materials, with particular focus on the role of microstructural features on the response of materials under dynamic loading conditions.

Simone studied Aerospace Engineering (BSc and MSc) at the University “Federico II” of Naples, and then moved to Oxford for his DPhil in Engineering Science.

After his DPhil Simone was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford, then, after a stint at Imperial College London, returned to Oxford as senior researcher to continue his work on the micro-mechanical modelling of structural materials at high rates.

At St Edmund Hall, he tutors first and second year Engineering Science students on Dynamics and Materials. Simone also tutors second year Engineering Science students at Oriel College.

S. Falco, N. Fogell, S. Kasinos, L. Iannucci. ‘Homogenisation of micromechanical modelling results for the evaluation of macroscopic material properties of brittle ceramics’. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences (2022).

S. Falco, J. Jiang, F. De Cola, N. Petrinic. ‘Generation of 3D polycrystalline microstructures with a conditioned Laguerre-Voronoi tessellation technique’. Computational Material Science (2017).

S. Falco, F. De Cola, N. Petrinic. ‘A method for the generation of 3D representative models of granular based materials’. International Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering (2017).

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