Law with Law Studies in Europe


The BA in Law with Law Studies in Europe (technically ‘Bachelor of Arts in the Final Honour School of Jurisprudence: English Law with Law Studies in Europe’) is an extended version of the BA Law programme which includes an extra year spent at one of Oxford’s partner universities in continental Europe.

You may find it helpful to read the information about Law (Jurisprudence) on our website, and then you can find full details of the Law with Law Studies course on the Faculty of Law website.

My classes in German Law, along with the opportunity to go on a year abroad, have been invaluable in providing a comparative view of two very different legal systems.

Alex, Law with German Law

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Our Tutors

Professor Adrian Briggs


Sir Richard Gozney Fellow and Tutor in Law

Professor Adrian Briggs is a commercial lawyer who teaches land law, contract law and international commercial law. Alongside his academic work, he is also a practising barrister at Blackstone Chambers, working mainly in commercial law.

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Professor Aileen Kavanagh


Jeffrey Hackney Fellow and Tutor in Law

Professor Aileen Kavanagh teaches constitutional law, administrative law, human rights and legal philosophy.

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