Accommodation for Undergraduates

An undergraduate in her room in the Kelly building
A first-year room in the Kelly building

First Year

All our first-year undergraduate students are guaranteed a room on the main College site (on Queen’s Lane, just off Oxford’s High Street) in one of the Kelly, Emden, Besse or Whitehall Buildings. This makes it very easy to meet others in your year and your first group of friends are likely to be those also living on your floor.

All rooms are spacious single bedrooms and include storage space, a sink and a desk, as well as being close to shared bathrooms and kitchenettes. We allocate rooms randomly so that a mixture of subjects, backgrounds, and nationalities is achieved. All our rooms are bright and airy and all are equally sized and furnished, ensuring that everyone has an equal quality of accommodation, and that there is no segregation by price of room. Kitchens and bathrooms are shared between four to six students each, and are cleaned every weekday by our friendly team of staff. Some en-suite facilities are available for those requiring them for health or religious reasons.

Teddy Hall is one of the most down to earth colleges. With a large concentration of people on a smaller campus, you always bump into people on the way to the laundry room, etc., so there’s always opportunity for a catch up. The fact that we have dinner and breakfast together is a great way to mix and get to know different groups of people.

Elaine, Fine Art

Second Year

Second year students get together in groups of friends and rent privately in houses in East Oxford. The College offers support to do this, and there are several streets where most houses are occupied by Teddy Hall students. Many of these houses have been passed between successive generations of Teddy Hall students, ensuring that good quality accommodation with helpful landlords is available.

Third / Fourth Year

Third and fourth year students at Teddy Hall are typically accommodated on the main College site or in one of our annexes on Dawson Street or the Iffley Road. Some students prefer to rent privately for a second year, and they are very welcome to do this. For those moving back in to College accommodation there is a room ballot, and the consistent quality of our accommodation means that those choosing rooms at the lower end of the ballot can secure a pleasant and well furnished room.

In College rooms are available in the Besse building and the historic front quad, and in the William R Miller and Tamesis Guest House Annexes in East Oxford.

Tamesis Guest House

Tamesis Guest House

Around a ten-minute walk away across Magdalen Bridge, the Guest House houses 43 undergraduates, with some en-suite rooms. There are kitchens and a common room and the building is opposite the University Sports Complex, it is also close to the lively student area of Cowley Road with the Oxford Blue Pub and Madhatters Jazz Club nearby.

William R. Miller

The William R Miller Building offers 55 en-suite rooms a ten minute walk from the main site. The annexe has a spacious common room with a large TV and table tennis table, laundry room, and kitchens for every four to six rooms. On the same street are restaurants including the popular Kazbar and a Sainsbury’s, several pubs, and the shops and restaurants of the Cowley Road are just around the corner.

Norham Gardens

Norham St Edmund (NSE)

NSE is made up of several Victorian houses in North Oxford, around twenty minutes’ walk from College across the University Parks. NSE houses postgraduates and some fourth year students in 56 bedrooms, some of which are en-suite. The site includes the College gym, a common room with a pool table and vaulted ceiling, and several kitchens. The area is quiet and leafy, and backs on to the beautiful University Parks.

A look at our Undergraduate Accommodation

Photography by Dan Paton of the refurbished Besse Building at St. Edmunds Hall, University of Oxford by architects Original Field. The Besse building is located on the High Street and provides student accommodation across 3 floors.
Student bedroom
A first-year room in the Kelly Building on the main College site
Students viewing a first-year room in the Whitehall Building on the main College site
The view from the top of Kelly Building of the main College site
A 4th-floor room in the Kelly Building on the main College site
A room in the Emden Building on the main College site
Room 4 on Staircase 5, on the main College site
Room 1.2 on Staircase 8, on the main College site