How to Submit your Profile for the Hall Writers’ Directory

The Hall Writers’ Directory is an online resource which celebrates the achievements of writers who have studied or worked at St Edmund Hall. Creative Writing has always been a very important part of the culture of the College, and the profiles collected here show a wide variety of talents in different media and genres.

Submit your profile

Any Aularian (current student, alumni, member of staff) who is also a writer is invited to submit a profile. To do so, please contact, including your name, subject and year of matriculation (or other details of your affiliation to the College). A profile typically consists of a short biography (300-400 words) of text, together with a profile picture, and links to any personal website or publications, etc., if you would like to include them on your page.

Please also let us know which category (or categories) of writer is most appropriate for you. We currently organise the Directory in the following sections:

  • Comedy writers
  • Critics, scholars and academics
  • Fiction writers
  • Journalists and broadcasters
  • Non-fiction writers
  • Poets
  • Published Translators
  • Screenwriters, playwrights and directors.

If you feel that your writing belongs under a different heading, we would be happy to consider creating new sections – just let us know.

We also always welcome updates to existing profiles; please send any changes to

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