Seminar 2: Conversations in Environmental Sustainability: beyond greenwashing


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St Edmund Hall, Oxford, is pleased to announce the second seminar in our ‘Conversations in Environmental Sustainability: beyond greenwashing’ series:

Seminar 2: Going Green and environmental sustainability: how do we measure it?

This highly topical and important question is one that many organisations from large corporations to small businesses are currently struggling with: to understand how to audit the impacts of their organisation on the environment. For example, what does the word “green” mean in this context – should organisations focus on their CO2 and GHG emissions or should they be much broader in scope to cover impacts on other resources such as water, biodiversity, and waste products? What is the appropriate scale? – is it just the direct impacts of the organisation that should be assessed, or should it include those of their suppliers? What suitable data sources and metrics are currently available to measure these impacts or is it a case that while good in intention, many are simply not measurable?

This conversation will bring together three speakers addressing the question of meaningful metrics for environmental impact from the perspective of academia and the corporate sector.

This is a free public event open to all on a first-come-first served basis and is kindly sponsored by Ninety One. 

Please join us for this second seminar.

Programme & Speakers

17:00-18:45: Presentations and Panel Discussion

Host: Professor Dimitrios Tsomocos, Professor of Financial Economics and Fellow by Special Election at St Edmund Hall

Dr Nicola Ranger, Executive Director, Oxford Martin Systemic Resilience Programme

Jonathan Taylor, President, Awesix Services Sàrl

Harriet Waters, Head of Environmental Sustainability, University of Oxford

18:45-19:15: Drinks Reception


This event is open to the public. All are welcome.

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Seminar Background

‘Conversations in Environmental Sustainability: Beyond Greenwashing’ is a termly seminar which brings together leading thinkers and decision-makers from academia, business, government and NGOs to look beyond greenwashing. Each seminar examines a specific issue related to environmental sustainability, exploring how to effectively marry environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals with financial returns, innovation and other business imperatives.

A panel of experts each speak individually before engaging with each other in a panel discussion. This is followed by further conversations over drinks in the College. St Edmund Hall’s intimate and beautiful site provides the setting for the audience of experts and guests to consider honest, solution-based responses to the challenges posed if we are to deliver environmental sustainability.

Filming and photography

Please note: this lecture will be recorded and published on St Edmund Hall’s digital and print communication platforms where appropriate.

There will be photography on the day.

If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please let the event organiser know.


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