Professor Dimitrios Tsomocos

Professor of Financial Economics and Fellow by Special Election

Dimitrios P. Tsomocos is a University Professor of Financial Economics and Fellow in Management at St Edmund Hall.

He holds a BA, MA, MPhil, and PhD from Yale University. He has worked at the Bank of England and consulted with various Central Banks. In addition, he has served on several editorial boards including Annals of Finance and Economic Theory. He is the co-developer of the Goodhart – Tsomocos model of financial fragility that has been implemented at various Central Banks. He has also suggested a new metric of Financial Stability.

Dimitrios Tsomocos’ current research focuses on banking and regulation, incomplete asset markets, systemic risk, financial instability and issues of new financial architecture. In particular, he has analysed issues of contagion, financial fragility, interbank linkages and the impact of the Basel Accord in the macroeconomy using a General Equilibrium model with incomplete asset markets, money and endogenous default.

He is the co-editor of two books The Challenge of Financial Stability and Financial Stability in Practice (with C A E Goodhart) and has authored a large number of articles on economic theory and financial economics, which have appeared in leading journals and presented in international institutions, seminars and conferences.

He was recently appointed a member of the Research Advisory Board, Central Bank of Russian Federation in October 2018.

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