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Visiting Students at St Edmund Hall can select from the Finance courses listed below. Unless specified, each course can be taken as either a Primary or a Secondary option.

Availability of courses will vary according to term of study. The exact content of your courses will be decided in consultation with your tutor at St Edmund Hall and may depend on what teaching resources are available at the time.

This course can be taken as either a primary or secondary course.

This course introduces the core tools used in modern finance and will focus on time value of money, annuities, and loan repayment. Topics include bonds, yield rates, the term structure of interest rates. We will also examine asset-liability management, the factors that influence market interest rates, and interest rate swaps.

This course can be taken as either a primary or secondary course in Hilary Term.

We will be studying the risk-return trade-off and how, in competitive security markets, higher expected returns come only with greater investment risk so that in well-developed security markets there are no ‘free lunch’ or arbitrage opportunities. We will study modern portfolio theory, how to measure asset risk, how to quantify the trade-off between risk and expected return, learn techniques used to measure risk, study the implications of efficient diversification, and how diversification effects portfolio risk, as well as how portfolio risk is measured. We will apply these ideas to study the asset allocation decisions into risky asset classes such as stocks, bonds, or real estate for individuals, portfolio managers, private equity investors, and hedge funds.

The course covers futures, forwards, and options. Students will learn about the classic arbitrage bounds for option prices, option replication, options pricing and the binomial option pricing model. In addition, we will study the no-arbitrage pricing theory for forward contracts and discuss its relevance as an approximation to the pricing of futures contracts.

This course can be taken as either a primary or secondary course.

Students will learn about topics covering capital budgeting, efficient markets, corporate governance, and capital structure.

Visiting Students

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