Mystery Cycle Play Performance

27 April 2019

The Medieval Mystery Play 2022 is taking place on 23 April. For more information and/or to take part, please visit the 2020 page here.

2019 Play Information

On Saturday 27 April 2019, a cycle of medieval mystery plays was performed by various groups around St Edmund Hall at various locations. At 12 noon, God rang the chapel bell before she announced from the Old Library window her intention to create the world. From there the story of mankind unfolded, with the Old Testament being acted out in the Front Quad (with stops at the well for the sacrifice of Isaac, and the Old Dining Hall for the Flood) and the New Testament taking place at various points around St Peter-in-the-East.

Videos of all the plays can be found on their respective pages.

Download the programme here

Watch the Mystery Cycle on YouTube

Find out more about the mystery plays and how this performance came about in a blog post by co-organiser Henrike Lähnemann.

Performance Locations

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  1. Creation & Fall (Iffley Players)

    Chapel - 12noon

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  2. Noah (English Faculty Staff)

    Old Dining Hall - 12:40pm

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  3. Abraham (Magdalen College School)

    Well - 1:20pm

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  4. Annunciation & Visitation (Cuddesdon)

    St Edmund Statue - 1:50pm

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  5. Shepherds (English Faculty Students)

    Churchyard - 2:20pm

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  6. Crucifixion (Lincoln College)

    Churchyard - 2:50pm

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  7. Lamentation (Italianists)

    Churchyard - 3:15pm

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  8. Harrowing of Hell (Medieval Germanists)

    The garden east of St Peter-in-the-East - 3:30pm

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  9. Resurrection (UCL)

    Tomb behind Church - 4pm

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  10. Judgement (St Edmund Hall)

    Broadbent Garden - 4:30pm

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Mystery Cycle Play Performance Locations