Besse Accommodation Appeal

25 Feb 2021

Besse from High Street
Besse building from High Street

The Hall has launched a fundraising appeal to meet the cost of urgent repairs to the roof of Besse Building.

Besse is currently undergoing a major renovation to increase electrical and fire standards and improve the standard of accommodation for our third-year undergraduates. The renovation has enabled us to conduct an in-depth assessment of the building and its roof. This has identified a number of major, and critical, failings in the roof that require repair.

The Hall is appealing to Aularians support the Besse Accommodation Appeal and gifts can securely be made online here.

To fully repair the roof, so it is fit for the next 50 years, requires £300,000. As Besse is currently vacant, with costly scaffolding already in-place, it is prudent to undertake the repairs now to avoid further upheaval and expense.

The cost of this repair comes at a difficult time. The financial impact of the pandemic is hitting the Hall hard and we are anticipating an operating deficit of up to £2m this year. Despite this we are committed to supporting students, particularly those in financial hardship.

Gifts of all sizes can make a difference. Those who choose to make a special gift of £1,000 or greater will be recognised as Besse Patrons in the annual Magazine.

If you would like to support this project to improve the quality of accommodation on Queen’s Lane please donate online here or email Gareth Simpson, Fellow & Director of Development at

We look forward to sharing the final result and welcoming students and guests to the new building later this year.



Damaged Gable End
Water staining as a result of the poor condition of the roof
Close-up section of the roof and guttering

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