Linguistics can be studied alongside any of the languages that are offered at Teddy Hall, and we are one of the few colleges that offers Linguistics with Russian. The Linguistics department is particularly strong in neurolinguistics and historical linguistics.

Year Abroad

If you choose to do a Linguistics project, you will need to do some original research. Your year abroad is the ideal time to collect data for your research. Data collection might involve recording spontaneous speech or conducting interviews with informants. You may be interested in swearwords in Russian; in the phonology of a lesser-known language; or in language use (code-switching) in a bilingual situation; or come up with your own idea. This will give you hands-on experience of what it means to be a linguist.

Information on the nature of interviews for Linguistics

In the interview you will be given the opportunity to tell us why you are keen to read Linguistics. You will also be given some simple sentences in a language we assume you do not know. You can look at these sentences during the interview and you will be asked to comment on grammatical features. The translations should help you to comment on word and sentence structure of this language. There may not always be a right answer; the most important thing is to show how you come to your conclusions.

Our Tutors

Dr Johanneke Sytsema


College Lecturer in Linguistics

Johanneke teaches Linguistics at all stages of the undergraduate course, covering the General Linguistics, Grammar and Historical Linguistics papers. She also teaches Old Frisian as a paper XII Special Subject for Finals.

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