Our Fellow in French, Professor Wes Williams, coordinates a team of academics who have expertise in the teaching of both language and literature. We actively encourage students to explore the creative potential of the Modern Languages course, and Teddy Hall offers many extra-curricular opportunities in creative writing and the arts. Wes is also a director and playwright alongside his academic work.

Our native speaker, Marie Leger, teaches translation and grammar to our undergraduates throughout their course.

The work is demanding and time-consuming but the tutors are very understanding here and if you have any difficulties they are always willing to help. Tutors treat you like adults, which makes the learning process more enjoyable.

Salomeya, French

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Our Tutors

Professor Wes Williams


Professor of French Literature and Tutor in Modern Languages (French)

Professor Wes Williams teaches French language and literature, with a particular focus on the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; he also teaches European film, and literary theory.

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Dr Jake Wadham


College Lecturer and Tutor in French Language and Modern French Literature

Dr Jake Wadham teaches the period of French literature covering the nineteenth century to the present. He also teaches translation from French to English, and has worked more broadly within Translation Studies (theory and practice).

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Marie Leger


College Lecturer in French

Marie Leger teaches grammar and translation into French to first and second years, and essay writing in French to second years and finalists.

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Dr Jonathan Patterson


College Lecturer

Jonathan is a Departmental Lecturer in French. He teaches French language and literature, with a particular focus on the period of his research: the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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Ysaline Rossi


College Lecturer in French

Ysaline Rossi is a college Lecturer in French at St Edmund Hall.

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Dr Ruggero  Sciuto


Junior Research Fellow

Dr Ruggero Sciuto is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow. His primary research focus is on eighteenth-century French literature, culture, and intellectual history.

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