Philosophy and Modern Languages


This joint honours degree programme is run jointly by the Faculties of Philosophy and Modern Languages. Students often find that studying these two subjects in combination enhances their understanding of each separate discipline. Graduates of Philosophy and Modern Languages have gone on to a wide spectrum of careers.

Both disciplines flourish in their own right at St Edmund Hall. Over thirty students are currently reading Philosophy as part of their undergraduate degree programme. We are equally strong on the Modern Languages side and our excellent teaching provision in this area means that students are able to study Philosophy in combination with a number of different languages: French, German, Russian or Spanish.

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Our Tutors

Professor Juan-Carlos Conde


College Lecturer in Spanish

Juan-Carlos Conde is a Professor of Medieval Spanish Literature and Philology at Oxford. He teaches the whole preliminary course in Spanish (both language and literature, from medieval ballads to 21st century Latin American novel), but his favourite teaching areas are Spanish Medieval Literature and Spanish Philology.

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Professor Andrew Kahn


Professor and Tutorial Fellow of Russian Literature and Modern Languages

Professor Andrew Kahn’s teaching for the Faculty and Teddy Hall covers an unusually wide range of core Russian papers, including medieval, early modern and the core nineteenth century into the twentieth century. He also teaches many of the special authors including Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoy, Chekhov, and has been persuaded to take tutorials on Mayakovsky and Nabokov. For the College he also gives translation classes.

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Dr Alex Lloyd


Fellow by Special Election in German

Dr Alex Lloyd is a Fellow by Special Election and a Lecturer in German and teaches language, translation, literature, and film. Her main research interests lie in cultural memory, depictions of children and childhood, and the relationship between literature and visual culture.

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Jonny McIntosh


College Lecturer in Philosophy

Jonny McIntosh is a College Lecturer whose research concerns foundational issues at the intersection of the philosophy of language, formal semantics, and the philosophy of action, as well as related issues in the metaphysics of time and modality, but he has interests in many areas of philosophy, linguistics, and the cognitive sciences.

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Dr María Morrás


Spanish Tutor

Dr María Morrás is a tutor in Spanish, whose teaching focuses on Medieval Spanish and Romance Literature, Golden Age, Classical Tradition and History of the Spanish Language. Her other subjects include: Textual Criticism, Spanish as a Foreign Language, Introduction to Research, Composition in Spanish, and Introduction to Spanish Literature.

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Dr Jake Wadham


College Lecturer and Tutor in French Language and Modern French Literature

Dr Jake Wadham teaches the period of French literature covering the nineteenth century to the present. He also teaches translation from French to English, and has worked more broadly within Translation Studies (theory and practice).

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Dr James Wilk


Associate Lecturer in Philosophy

Dr James Wilk is a Lecturer in Philosophy. James teaches a number of topics for finals papers: philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of neuroscience, ethics, meta-ethics, philosophy of action, philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of Wittgenstein.

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Professor Wes Williams


Professor of French Literature and Tutor in Modern Languages (French)

Professor Wes Williams teaches French language and literature, with a particular focus on the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; he also teaches European film, and literary theory.

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Dr Stephen Blamey


Emeritus Fellow

Stephen Blamey is an Emeritus Fellow and a lecturer in Philosophy. In the past he has been Tutor for Undergraduates and been Dean, but now he is just the largely ceremonial Dean of Degrees.

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Dr Jonathan Patterson


College Lecturer in French

Jonathan is a Departmental Lecturer in French. He teaches French language and literature, with a particular focus on the period of his research: the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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