Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics (PPL)


Students of this interdisciplinary degree apply to study any two of its three component subjects. St Edmund Hall admits students who apply to study Psychology and Philosophy.

As a PPL student at St Edmund Hall, you will be a member of both one of the leading psychology departments in the UK and the largest philosophy faculty in the country. The Oxford Philosophy Faculty has a strong research profile in the philosophy of mind and science, and a close relationship with neuroscience and psychology. This makes Oxford an excellent choice for those who wish to study these complementary subjects in combination. Graduates progress to a variety of careers. They are eligible for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership of the British Psychological Society, if they study sufficient psychology and achieve Second Class Honours.

I have been encouraged to develop a very wide range of skills – statistical analysis, essay writing, scientific reasoning and understanding – so I feel equipped to go in almost any direction in the future.

Ellie, PPL

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Our Tutors

Professor David M Bannerman

David M

William R. Miller Fellow in Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology

Professor David Bannerman is the head of the University of Oxford’s Behavioural Neuroscience Unit, and teaches behavioural neuroscience.

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Dr Iana Alexeeva


College Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Iana Alexeeva is a College Lecturer in Psychology. Her research interests lie within the areas of health psychology, cognitive psychology, and behavioural medicine. She teaches Individual Differences, Psychological Disorders, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Information Processing, Perception, Language and Cognition, Psychology Theories, and Health Psychology.

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Jonny McIntosh


College Lecturer in Philosophy

Jonny McIntosh is a College Lecturer whose research concerns foundational issues at the intersection of the philosophy of language, formal semantics, and the philosophy of action, as well as related issues in the metaphysics of time and modality, but he has interests in many areas of philosophy, linguistics, and the cognitive sciences.

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Dr James Wilk


Associate Lecturer in Philosophy

Dr James Wilk is a Lecturer in Philosophy. James teaches a number of topics for finals papers: philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of neuroscience, ethics, meta-ethics, philosophy of action, philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of Wittgenstein.

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Dr Stephen Blamey


Emeritus Fellow

Stephen Blamey is an Emeritus Fellow and a lecturer in Philosophy. In the past he has been Tutor for Undergraduates and been Dean, but now he is just the largely ceremonial Dean of Degrees.

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